3 Emotions that Guarantee Success

Up 5 pounds! How can I be up 5 pounds in a single 3 day weekend…. Sure I enjoyed myself a little but not 5 POUNDS worth?!?!

Here I was again… I had been soooo good for weeks on end… saying “no” to those cookies at the networking event, getting up early to do my home workout, eating spagetti squash instead of pasta….

All that work and to only lose 8 pounds and now I had completely undone it in just 3 days!

Can you relate to this feeling? Have you ever committed yourself to a fitness or business goal to only feel like you end up exactly where you started… regardless of how much effort you put it..?

You are not alone.

I put together a training video for you explaining the a remedy to this cycle… this pattern of ending back up where we started.

It all comes back to our emotions.

The energy(emotion) we take the action in has more impact on our results than the act itself.
Nancy Rae Allen

Check out that training here.

Quick summary of key emotions:

  1. Excitement– Get excited about already having accomplished your goal. Imagine already living in your dream body… how does it feel… what do you look like.
  2. Appreciation– Create peace and contentment with the now. Start by accepting your current conditions as they are… then grow that feeling from acceptance to appreciation. Fall in love with your life and body as it is right now.
  3. Anticipation– Build your belief in what you are creating to the point that you begin expecting and anticipating its arrival.

We truly can create our dream body and life as we learn to harness our emotions, manage our mindset, and realign with our truth.

The body I live in now is truly a dream come true… I never even thought it possible before…. and now here I am experiencing it as my reality.

Keep believing. Whatever your goal is with your body or life… know that with correct principles in place, alignment, and time you can achieve it!

Remember… Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just make your next choice your best choice.


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