Am I still too Fat?!?

My bikini competition suit arrived this week… 

Inch by inch gently over my hips… careful… steady.

Ugh! The bottoms are too small… 

This was my experience this Thursday attempting to squeeze into the most expensive 6 square inches of fabric I have ever invested in..

In 3 weeks I will be going on stage in front of a room full of strangers wearing practically nothing…

I will then strut around like a prima donna, contort into flattering but unnatural positions, and allow my physique to be critiqued next to a dozen or more other gorgeous athletes…

I had no idea before starting this journey all the details and preparation that go into competing…

Brazilian waxing… spray tanning… polygraph tests… it’s no small feat

I have stepped into a world where every muscle, vein, tissue, stretch mark, and hair on my body are analyzed…


Why in the world am I doing this…?

Before I began this journey I had never worn a bikini in public…

I didn’t have the body or the confidence for it…

I was such  a head case about my body that my husband of over 6 years had never even seen me change my clothes!

I had so much body shame.

Competing in a bikini competition has been a dream of mine for years because I knew that in order to do it I would get to shed a lot of weight and develop the confidence to proudly display my body to the world.

A year ago competing was nothing more than a whimsical wish…

I didn’t even really believe it was possible for me!

And here I am 3 weeks away from actually doing it!

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

My body started to really release the weight and shame when I stopped hiding it…

When I began this journey 70 lbs ago I started by embracing my body…

Every day when I would get in and out of the shower I would look at it.. and talk to it in a whole new way.

I stopped attaching my self-worth to the physical state of my body.

I began to see myself as so much more.

I began to see myself as the steward of this vehicle, my body, rather than the body itself.

This is a key attitude in order to successfully compete.

When I am up there on stage I get to remember that the current state of my body is being judged… not me.

How would your struggle with weight transform if you stopped identifying with it?

..If you released yourself from the agony of allowing a temporary physical state to determine your worth and happiness?

Today’s message is simple:

  1. Something that may seem like a whimsical wish could very well be your reality in a year from now.

  2. You are so much more than your temporary physical state.

Lots of Love,


Nancy Rae

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