Bikini Competition- Are you happy now?!?

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

-Tony Robbins

She still hates her body. Even now… 

This last weekend I checked the box on a major life goal and bucket list item. I competed and placed 4th in a bikini competition….

It is interesting to listen to the assumptions people have around a goal like this…

The biggest and most misleading assumption is that once a person achieves a “fitness model” quality physique that all their self esteem issues are somehow resolved.

This could not be further from the truth.

This mindset is one of the most destructive I see in my coaching.

This is the belief that I will be ________________ (fill in the blank; happy, content, fulfilled, confident… etc.) when _________________ (fill in the blank; I lose 10 pounds, complete a marathon, get a 1k/month raise… etc.)

The truth is that the lack of the thing you are wanting (fit body, intimate relationship, money) is not the cause of the pain or discontentment in your life.

The man or woman struggling with their weight is not unhappy because they are fat… they are fat because they are unhappy.

This seems a bit backward but go with me for a minute….. have you ever noticed that when you feel good, happy, and excited with your life you integrate healthy choices with ease..?

However, when you are discouraged, depressed, stressed or bored with life you fight with food and your body constantly!

The key to lasting transformation is to heal the internal world… to create an inside environment of fulfillment, joy, and worthiness.

Once this is accomplished the rest is easy.

Rome was not built in a day…. Just make your next choice your best choice.


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