Demystifying Spiritual Gifts

We’ve all reveled in the magic of the mystic healer or completely had our minds blown by the intuitive psychic. We have marveled at the great artists of the world and thought to ourselves, “Wow, what a gift, if only I had gifts like these.” These Spiritual Gifts and others are divinely led and inspired and often put on a pedestal.

So let’s talk about spiritual gifts.  There is a misconception that some of us have them and others don’t. First, everyone has gifts and ALL gifts are spiritual gifts. From the chef feeding peoples bodies to the architect building divinely inspired walkways and cathedrals.  The KEY to discovering these gifts is following Intuition.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone’s intuition is going to show up differently. Understanding your Unique way of tuning into this space is essential. You may experience this as an inner knowing, voice or mental image. What matters is that you can identify your unique intuition and begin listening without judgment.

Another key ingredient for hearing intuition is understanding the language. Intuition is void of logic or reason. It may come as a shock and make very little sense at all. Revealing only one tiny step at a time. Be rest assured… It will never lead you astray. Once you understand the language of intuition and how it flows through you, it becomes easy to ignite your gifts and share them with the world.

Your intuition is the KEY to living a magical life. 



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