Discerning Truth & Dismantling Cult Mentality

Each one of us is born on the planet with an Internal Compass. A Guiding Voice helping us to Navigate life as we know it.  As we grow, the voices multiply. We accrue and internalize the voices of our parents, teachers,  and church leaders. Our worldview begins to expand and we learn a great deal from the authority figures in our lives.

Although our perceptions begin forming based on our experiences, Our Internal Compass, remains unscathed from this outside circle of influence. Intuition is YOUR unique navigational system. The same Guiding Light continues to assist us throughout our Entire Lifespan. We can always come back to this Expansive and Divine Wisdom. Intuition will never steer us wrong. Even with the sound of a thousand external voices, a million internal fears, and several unhealthy belief systems… We can always come back to what is TRUE. 

We do this when we fully understand how to Sense, Hear and Trust our Intuition regardless of circumstance. So what happens when we find ourselves in a situation, or perhaps even born into circumstances where we are taught to ignore our “Spidey Sense ” based on Fear, Guilt, and Uncertainty?  How do we discern WHAT is True if we are taught that our Truth is “Wrong”?  I’m speaking specifically in regards to Cult Mentality inside organizations, governments, and relationships. In the following video, I go into very specific details about the components of the “Group Think” and how to recognize and avoid the “Guru” on the Stage Cult Mentality.

This topic is of Great Importance. One that gets to be discussed and considered Thoughtfully. This problem does not affect one specific group or type of person. This can, and is happening to many! Contrary to popular belief… Anyone of us can be caught off guard and blindsided given the right conditions without the proper tools.  It’s time to Step out… Come back home… And Reconnect with YOUR Unique Intuition Above ALL else. 


Discerning truth, identifying group think, dismantling “cults” Avoiding the “guru” on the stage cult mentality

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