Fat-Skinny Cycle

The behaviors aren’t a mystery.

Why do we lose weight and then cycle back?

We typically reach a point on the way to our goal where we are tired of saying “no” to certain foods and our motivation to get up to do our workout dwindles.

This is because we diet down to comfort zone and feel happy enough with where we are at to indulge a little. We keeping indulging just a little more every day and eventually and gain back the weight… then we hit our threshold and diet back down.

In this cycle we never actually reach our ideal dream body. This is because the methods we use are often extreme and no fun at all.

Here we do things differently. In our 12 Week SHIFTED weight loss program we focus on employing methods that will allow us to maintain a lifestyle in the body we really want. Our focus is on fun lasting results.

It is about creating a lifestyle you love. No more forcing ourselves or white knuckling it.

When we create intentional mental shifts the behaviors become easy and fun…. and we can final achieve and maintain our “ultimate body.”

I’d love to GIFT you our 12 Week Program ($2997) completely FREE. 


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