Her Poison Could be Your Cure

🙄Grow your business with “Flow” and “Ease”

I see these buzz words going around a lot lately and in some cases… for those of us that force, push, and over work to create and manifest… this understanding can be a massive gift! 🎁

But for others it creates a HUGE block and stuckie stuck feeling. 🤕

And as I have said many times, one person’s cure is another person’s poison. 🧪

A year ago I bought hard into this idea of ease and flow and “just do what feels good” and for me at the time it was POISON!

And in many ways this statement “just do what you want/feels good to be aligned to manifest” is comeplete bullshit.

👉🏻Yes, I want you to believe it can be easy.

👉🏻Yes, I want you to manifest the most enjoyable way to build and grow your business.

AND. Here is a secret. Facing and doing the Hard shit feels good.

Sometimes I just don’t “want to” go to the gym. Sometimes I even get pissed about it. 😤😉But the minute I complete my workout I feel like a badass for:

🔥Not being a bitch to my mood

🔥Strengthening my body

🔥Mastering my energy

🔥Loving myself with healthy physical Movement

🔥Being consistent and honoring my word to myself.

Here’s the thing….

If you aren’t manifesting what you desire trying the fluffy stuff of visualization, deep breathing, and affirmations perhaps you are being called right now to also activate your warrior and kicks some serious ass.

Which looks like intuitive, intentional, consistent action even when you don’t f*cking feel like it 🔥

Creation ALWAYS requires the feminine and masculine.

Your next step towards activating your highest energies is DIFFERENT than someone else’s.

They may need to take a few weeks off… you may need to quit taking so much time off and put more energy in.



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