How to Change Someone’s Mind

Changing someone’s mind requires tact.

🙋‍♀️ I am very qualified to talk about tact.. because I have a lot of experience saying things in very tact-less ways 😅🤦‍♀️

One of my gifts is seeing and understanding the way things work in humans interactions. I study and dissect tact daily and have learned some valuable insights.

This has come about by watching the way people emotionally react to what I say and noticing how I emotionally react to what other people say.

I have felt and become even more aware about the way defensiveness gets triggered and how the minute that happens the ability for the other person to listen is gone. 🙉Completely.

There are many opportunities in today’s age of social media to share opinion… on your own wall or trolling through people’s posts and commenting…

If your goal is to inspire a change there is a strategic way of approaching it to create a space that is the most receptive to what you say.

Of course there will be people and times that regardless of how you share they can not hear you. That’s okay… wrong audience.

Tact tip #1:

Avoid attacking the other person’s identity. “You are stupid, anyone who does this is ignorant. You are vile. You are evil. Etc.”

99% of the time people are not intentionally trying to harm the planet or each other. In their mind they are saying and doing what they believe to be best for themselves and those they love.

It’s coming from a good place however misguided. Attacking them only triggers defensiveness and if your goal is for them to hear you or consider another way this won’t get you the result you are after.

Tact #2

Respect their values. Even if you don’t agree with their method can you see what their intention is or what they are valuing?

When you communicate in a way that shows them you clearly understand they are good and value their children’s future they feel heard. They can now stop for a second and listen to you because they have been fully heard.

What if you said “I have massive respect for your conviction to protect our futures youth I feel your love and compassion for the planet And I see your point with _________ (fill in the blank)

I would like to also see happy healthy youth…

Then tell your story and let them draw their own epiphanies from it. Rather than trying to convince them, just share your story.

Together we can create beautiful healing for our world. We get to be a team in order to do that. Every story and opinion can help shape solutions.

Your opinion does matter. We want it to be really heard. And this happens best when we approach it intentionally.



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