Inner Circle


You can have it ALL!

The Body. The Money. The Lifestyle

I had invested many mucho bucko $$$ into personal development books, workshops, and coaches with little to no change in my weight, my relationships, or bank account....

I was "efforting" like crazy. I worked long hours, forced diets and workout programs, and kept begging the universe to show up already.

None of the prescribed actions I heard from the gurus on the stage really shifted my life. I was losing faith that any of this "you can create your life" mumbo jumbo actually worked...  

I made one last Hail Mary... I shut the books, dumped the gurus, and let go of all the "rules."

With myself as the ultimate guinea pig I set out to what actually worked. I wanted practical and actionable. I was on a hunt for results. 

With the power of massive intention, new levels of self love, and divine guidance I shed over 70 lbs in 9 months... 

I competed in a bikini competition, wrote a book, doubled my family's monthly income. All of this happened in less than a year! 

This experience changed everything for me. I finally knew what it took to get real results. The type of results I had been craving, not just the kind that make you feel better about the same old shit.

The kind of results that finally transform that shit into gold!  

If you are feeling fed up with the journey...

and are ready to finally get some
f-ing results... 

you are in the right place! 

Nancy Rae is a Powerhouse! And honestly, just being in her space is transformational.

I have been blown away by her ability to help shift someone's perspective by simply just BEing with them. She's a complete game changer!"
Rose Barlow
CEO Rosie Posie Kids Clothing Boutique
Monthly Group Coaching calls. Deep diving into the subconscious beliefs, blocks, and defense mechanism that sabotage you. 
Monthly LIVE deep dive class showing you the simple and profound steps to losing the weight, healing/creating the marriage, and manifesting with ease. 
Adaptive Training
Exclusive weekly deep dive training on an inspired topic in response to the groups collective process. 
The investment in myself as a member of Legacy Inner circle pays for itself!  Attempting to quantify the rewards in money is futile and impossible, because the reward is intangible.

children are blessed with a mother who is well acquainted with her inner child. My husband benefits from a wife who loves her body, and can live his life free of the dreaded question, "does this make me look fat?"

Because I get to look in the mirror and
love me today and live free from the idea that my body is a prison. I am here to enjoy this vessel in new and playful ways.

I want to shout from the mountain tops and look under rocks leaving no soul untouched by the juicy love filled life that Nancy Rae brings!

Nancy Rae is a living testimony that living your passion only benefits others. Inner Circle was the missing link, the antidote for a life that craved more. If you are ready to tell your brain and ego to take a hike and follow your true passion...Inner Circle is your tribe.
Ginger Shaver
Massage Therapist

Inner Circle Also Includes Access to: 

Legacy Vault

An Archive pact with Power

✔ Over 30+ Hours of Breakthrough content
✔ "Netflix" of Nancy Rae
✔ 10+ Master Classes
✔ Group Coaching Call Recordings
✔ Exclusive BTS (Behind the Scenes Trainings) 



The Tool Box

A one stop shop for all the tools you need to shift you mindset, release trapped emotions, and manifest your dreams. 

✔ Meditations
✔ Release Tools
✔ Breathing Techniques
✔ Journal Processes
✔ Alignment Methods
✔ Epic Life Hacks



I have so much  gratitude for the
Inner Circle Program!
Nancy Rae Allen delivers a powerful message easy to comprehend, you feel the radiant power of truth found behind the daily challenges we face in life.

She shows you how to restore the passion and power in you to be able to adjust to all your circumstances with grace and ease. I highly recommend her Inner Circle Program to shatter the blocks in your life that are preventing your dreams from becoming reality.
Christine Skjerpen
Writer, Marketer Entrepreneur

Legacy Living Inner Circle
Monthly Group Coaching Includes: 

Live Action Coaching
Master Class LIVE
Legacy Vault
The Tool Box

*Money Mindset Bundle ($300 Value)
*Manifesting Magic Bundle ($200 Value)

3 months Minimum Commitment
Cancelation Notification Required 10 days before scheduled payment

$997 Full Year

*3 Months Free
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