Know Your Own Opinion

“Which one?!?” She demanded…

Her face was getting increasingly more agitated. I could see her attempting to be patient but this was getting ridiculous.

What the crap was wrong with me? Why was I so disoriented about my own opinion….!?!?

My sister and I had been sitting in the dressing room for over an hour trying to pick an outfit.


I had tried on several and had 4 great options that fit well  but I could not decide.

It was bizarre how I was struggling with this decision.


I was going back and forth in my mind calculating, measuring, and weighing the options …

It was as if my brain had developed such a habit of yielding to the opinions of others that I couldn’t identify my own opinion.

My thoughts were lost in a jumbled brain full of “should’s,” “have to’s,” and expectations that I couldn’t separate up from down.


It is easy in our fast paced world to get so caught up in the busyness around us that we “lose” touch with our own internal guidance system. This system is the one from which our creativity and insights are born.

Reconnecting to this system is Step 1 in transformation.

Until we have our internal navigation system back online our efforts at creating change are futile.

So how do we reconnect and get our intuition “back online”…?

Well one short and potentially annoying answer is Meditation.

I have wrestled with “meditation” ever since I started studying personal development 15 years ago.

There are SO many benefits to meditating. It has been proven to reduce stress, improve concentration, encourage a healthy lifestyle, increase self-awareness, increase happiness, increase acceptance, slow the aging process, greatly benefit cardiovascular and immune health… and much more!

SO why don’t we do it?

For me, I just found the instruction to meditate irritating. I didn’t know how or where to start.

I would feel inspired to create a meditation practice but after 2-3 days of sitting aimlessly I would feel annoyed and quit. Can you relate?

I started doing a simple mini meditation with my morning routine about 6 months ago. In that time I have seen incredible changes. I have been utilizing a technique Tony Robbins teaches called “Priming” you can see more on that here.

Do you currently have a daily meditation practice? Would you like to implement one into your routine?

For beginners, like me, I think that guided meditations are the easiest, most effective, and enjoyable way to start. This week I just started using this Headspace app and I am loving it so far! The app is designed to really assist you in developing an enjoyable meditation practice.

There is also this FREE playlist on YouTube of over 165 guided meditations for you to check out. I hope this inspires and supports you in your journey to live your BEST life.

Your Partner in Transformation,

Nancy Rae

P.S. Check out this additional list of 76 Scientific Benefits of Meditation

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