Law of Attraction- Action Plan

“What you Think you Create”

I use to hate this quote. It made transformation sound so stupidly simple.
and it WASN’T!!!

I am a practical, grounded, no BS, type of gal so the whole “law of attraction,” power of the universe, airy fairy stuff can flip me out at times…

I  only like to rely on the things I can see, taste, and touch. I want to know what to do and then do it and get the result. 

The only way I have been able to utilize this quote is by creating my own hands on, practical, action based system to harness the very airy fairy power of the “law of attraction.”

I put together this quick training about how I utilize the Law of Attraction to create Action Plans. Check it out here.


There are practical ways to apply the Law of Attraction in everyday life. I dive deeper into this topic on my YouTube Channel. Go check it out here and be sure to subscribe.


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