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Master's Academy

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Hey Badass,

Thank you for coming to check out Master's Academy. This page is simply a formality. Here you will find some fancy-ish copy, some cool looking bullet thing-a-ma-bobs, and the structure of how this academy is run.

You will not find the the answer to the question, "Is this meant for you?" That, honey-fren, you will only find by looking inside your beautiful self. THIS is the key and an absolute requirement for participating in Master's Academy.

We do not play "bitch" to money, other people's opinions, time, fears, or our limiting beliefs. If your intuition pings you as you read through this adorable page or as you sit with it over the next few days listen.. and then my darling,  you will be well on your way to new levels of alignment, magic, synchronicity, and wonderment.

Key Benefits

Learn how to answer the question "what do you do?" with ease  which helps you confidently market yourself online and in person and that means you can attract your ideal clients with ease.
Know your unique niche which will empower you to market directly and  effectively which means you will stand out in the marketplace.
Master the Art of Enlightened Sales which helps you enjoy the sales process and feel in integrity which means increased revenue in a predictable way.
Recognize and eliminate your self sabotaging patterns so you can avoid detours and set backs which means you will short cut the time required to reach your goals. 
Customize your business to your unique skills and preferences so  you will have your dream lifestyle which means more business only means more bliss not more stress. 
Master your energy so that no matter what happens in your business or personal life you are able to handle things with grace which means you will be able to stay centered and focused.  

My gift is aligning you to your highest truth with epic levels of honor and integrity so that your life is bullshit free and shiny as F*ck. 

The Program

4 Month Mastermind

So.... what results can you expect from this program...? 

Honestly, I don't know

Yep, I just admitted that... hahah how many coaches fess up to that shit... zero. ;-)

Most of my clients come to me to get something they think they really want, but usually experience something way more epic and unexpected.

Here are a few examples

Last Academy I had a woman come for growth in her business.... after working together she decided she didn't really love what she was doing anymore, quit her business, got a job and manifested her dream man and is now in happy union with him and expecting her first child at 40 years old. 

I had another woman come to me for growth in her business... after working together she realized she hated that business and was simply chasing money.... she quit and launched a whole new business in a way more aligned and soul-gasmic industry for her. 

I had another woman come to me for more time freedom, ease, and flow in her life... which we absolutely created! and... bonus she opened up to a new relationship with a dear friend, fell in love, and is now blissfully married

I had a man join the academy to work on his marriage.  We healed his relationship and found the same pattern operating in his business. We shifted it and he manifested an unexpected 57K gross increased revenue in 8 weeks. 

This program isn't about making more money... although as you active your alignment, remembrance, and abundance codes the money game transforms for you

This program isn't about finding the love of your life or transforming your relationship... although as you come to know and honor yourself you will find more love in your life than you ever thought possible. 

This program is ultimately about you. In the cheesy and most cliche way possible.... this program is about coming home to you. 
Retreat Features
Private Chef
Meditation & Yoga
Intuitive Life Strategy
Individual and Group Sessions
Relaxation time
What They Say
4 Month Program 7k 

Program includes: 

  • All-Inclusive 4 day VIP Retreat
  • 1 Private Session with Nancy Rae 
  • 16 Group 90 minute Coaching sessions  
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Legacy Vault Content videos
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