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Intuitive Life and Business Coaching for the woke AF Soul-preneuer. 
Hey badass, 

Are you ready to activate a whole new level of your kickassary?

Do you feel stuck, blocked, or capped out financially? 

Is the rate of your business growth satisfying to you? 

Are you confident and clear on how to be lucrative living in your genius?  

Do you crave epic and radical shifts? 

Are you ready to tap into a whole new world of possibility and expansion?

Do you like it when people "tell it to you like it is?"

Then I just might be the girl for you...

Here's the thing... If we are a match made in heaven I know you. 

I know that you are one of a kind, you a care deeply, and you have a purpose burning within you.

Maybe you can't fully define your purpose but you can feel it pulsing relentlessly beneath the surface. 

You are not a newbie. You've read the books, taken the courses, attended the seminars, and perhaps even hired coaches. 

And yet... here you are reading and wondering if I might be the next step for you.

Something is not clicking for you right now. You are not seeing the way all the pieces fit together. 

There is somewhere within your being that you are not living truly FREE. Somewhere you still are not giving yourself full permission to BE you. 

Here's the thing.... 

My purpose is activating and empowering you to live in your genius abundantly.

This means that in order to live the next level of my purpose... 

I have to help you
live yours.

Together we will focus on: 
Unshakeable Confidence
Empower you with grounded and unwavering confidence in who you are, who you serve, and how you serve them. This enables us to raise your rates with integrity, market you more powerfully, and increase your magnetism. 
Genius Activation
Activate and unleash your unique genius. We get to your genius through the acceptance and understanding of your weakness. We will identify, transmute, and plan for your unique flavor of self sabotage.
Energy Mastery
Master your emotional triggers. If the words and actions of others can control your mood you are a not free. This codependency keeps you from accessing your full power. 
YOU Centered Strategy
Use your talents, skills, and personal preferences to design a plan that plays to your strengths. There is NO one-size-fits all for marketing and sells. 

Not Your Typical Testimonial

This is Lacey's daughter, fiancee, and mom thanking her for hiring me! 


Lacey's Testimonial

Straight from lady herself.

She started running her business instead of her business running her.   

Lacey's Testimonial

Straight from lady herself.

She started running her business instead of her business running her.   

Gita Testimonial

"I knew it in my head but you activated and integrated it deeply into me... 

....You never judged me. I felt safe.

Now I make my life heaven wherever I am." 

When You Sign Up to Work with me: 
>4 Month Program
>15 Private Video Sessions
>Personal VIP DAY 
>Unlimited Voxer Support
>Access to all digital courses
Thank you my lovely,  I don't even have words to express how much being in your container of love and guidance has shifted my world internally...

I couldn't have handled my situations with the grace and pose without you... like seriously, hands down you are FUCKING Amazing...... I feel like a new chapter is unfolding as the old transitions out.... and in that transition I feel so much love and compassion for the lessons it has been teaching me, as the truth is I would not be this AMAZING Bubble of LIGHT and LOVE without it.. no regrets.....

Thank you or words will NEVER be enough to express how/what I feel for
the gift of your presence in my life... I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I FUCKING LOVE YOU...
Gita Curniffe
Quantum Consulting
The testimonials I get from my soul clients often read like a love letter because my clients quickly become family. Together we form a divine partnership to create the shifts you have always dreamed of in your life and business. 

I encourage you to really feel into and then trust the decision to explore working with me.

It might be one of the best, most exhilarating, semi-terrifying, and definitely transformational decisions you will ever make. 


Pay in Full: 11K
Payment Plan: 4 Monthly Payments of 3K
The Nancy Rae Effect guides you to stop seeking outside yourself, so you can finally Really See yourself. It’s universes upon universes of splendor and magic”
Jessika Girod
Inner Circle Client and Former Chief of Staff
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