Put on Your Crown!

I am feeling Completely and Outrageously Ignited… Check out my Crown! Here’s the message coming through for all of you today. Let’s talk about Arrogance. I know that deep down there is apart of you that wants to Celebrate your Badassary, and yet there is this underlying hesitation holding you back from truly Owning your Greatness. You have been told it’s better to be Humble and Quiet in your Giftedness.

This myth that BEing your Badass Self is somehow selfish, arrogant or wrong… Complete Bullshit.  Excuse me while I remove the pedestal. You living in Your Genius is NOT WRONG! Being afraid of arrogance & Pride is Selfish AF! When you live in fear of showboating your Genius you are are literally creating the very thing you are trying to run away from! Hiding your gifts and not sharing them with others… Come on. That’s selfish!  You want to remain a wallflower, create a humble existence… You’re not doing anyone a favor.  You’re actually just creating more division and “one up-ing or one-downing” yourself in “Comparison” to another.  There is no Comparison! When you minimize your true abilities to live in the Fullness of who You are... You only create more division and more inequality.

So… It’s  time to Celebrate the Uniqueness that is YOUYES!!! SO much YES! I want you to step into the Glory that is Your Divine Greatness! There is no one on this planet exactly like you. No one on the planet who can do YOU! You have an important Ingredient to share with Divine CAKE of LIFE! The more you step into owning Your Unique Genius, the more WE rise as ONE!

So here’s the challenge. Put on Your crown, and OWN BEing unapologetically YOU! OWN your shit and be OK in Your own skin. I promise you, the more you move into that Unique Space created just for you, the more you allow others to do the same. You want the Secret Sauce to life? Just DO YOU! 


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