In the Raw. the Cost of Ignoring Your Intuition

Your Intuition is so Powerful, So Aware and Knows exactly where to guide you. Your intuition is not your enemy. Your Intuition Loves You.

It has been a very intense 24 hours. My beautiful Grammy has passed from this life and is exploring a new world. I miss and Love her very much. For the past two weeks, my Intuition has been pulling me to Call her.  I penciled her into my calendar. “Call Grammy.”  I made Excuses as to Why I should Put it off for another day. I’m busy, there’s Not enough time, I’ll call tomorrow. The Cost of Ignoring Intuition is High.

Your Intuition will often ask you to do things that seem Scary and don’t make sense. We come up with a Million excuses as to why we can put things off just awhile longer. Not enough Time, Money or Resources. Regardless of external forces, Your Intuition is a Gift that is Perfectly Designed to Lead You. All you have to do is Listen.

I do not Regret not being able to have Just one more Conversation with my Grandmother. I know her heart and I can feel her all around me.  I am at Peace. 

Inner peace comes from an Internal Condition and Connection to Source Energy. Peace does not come from a plan or from anything outside Yourself.  Your Intuition will bring You peace. Your Peace Comes from Within. 

Get clear on what Causes Peace in your life. It is not Religion. It does not come in a box. It is an Understanding that Everything is Ultimately Connected through love. Follow Your Internal Compass. It will not Lead You Astray.

Rest in Peace Grammy. 


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