When Relationships suck…. The Hard truth

Relationships can be sticky, everyone is unique… To create more of what we are wanting Let’s keep it simple and remember these two things:

1.We get in relationships what we tolerate.

We teach the people in our life how to treat us by what we tolerate. It is that simple. The only person we have to “blame” for the way we are treated is ourselves. We allow the mistreatment by what we are willing to “put up with.” It is time to remember this and take ownership of the fact that we are the only common denominator in our relationships.

Set the limit. Set the boundary. And love yourself enough to hold to it.

2. Maintaining a high vibration is our only job

When we live at a high level everything in our environment will match us or leave us. As we hold the line in our relationships, lovingly staying committed our ultimate desires, the people involved naturally raise to meet us or simply fall away. It does not have to be hard to heal and create greatness in our lives. No more settling. You are worthy of all that you desire. HOLD THAT LINE.


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