Saturated Marketplace gotcha Down?

Dear Baddass,

Please allow me to remind you. There is No One on the Planet that is Exactly like YOU! So Why do you continue to Be and Do Everyone else? You wonder why you aren’t getting the Clients, Making the Money, Seeing, Experiencing & delivering Results! You play small, watered down and blend in perfectly with the crowd. Here’s the thing. YOU are NOT the crowd! There is something in YOU that makes YOU uniquely YOU!!! BE & DO YOU! That’s it.

You have a unique gift that is Soul-y and Powerfully Yours. This is Your Unique Genius. This is what will set you Apart from the Millions of others doing presumably the “same” type of work. There’s a Miracle in here. The Miracle is YOU. There is a very Specific, very Unique Aspect of You that is designed to Create a Unique Difference in the World. In fact, if you want to completely eliminate the Competition… Then get Activated and Get Really Clear on what YOU DO and How YOU BE in the world.

It is true. It is a saturated marketplace for you Brilliant Healers, Coaches and Soul Driven Entrepreneurs out there. But then, there is also… YOU. As soon as You are aligned with WHO You are and What you bring to this Planet, the Perfect Clients will Come to YOU! Not only will YOU be Creating a Niche Market, but more Reach, More impact & More Prosperity in Your Life & Business. Find Your Fustle (Flow/Hustle) and Unleash Your unending Greatness.

So, my Beautiful, Radiant Being… Please. For the Sake of the Planet… JUST BE YOU!


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