Life Will Never Be The Same

That precious day changed my life forever!
I look at life, my children, and everything around me with a new perspective!
I took back my freedom that day. 
Mindy Barlow

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Imagine your attendees on the edge of their seats, hanging on every word. See them delighting in the experience. With Nancy Rae 3 hours can feel like 30 minutes. You'll always want more. 
Results are the key. Nancy Rae will customize your keynote to expedite your desired objectives. Let her move your audience in your desired direction with grace and humor.  
No "beating around the bush" here. Nancy Rae jumps in and addresses things at the core. 
Keynote Speaking
The Perfect Kick-off or conclusion for your BIG event. An entertaining and transforming experiencing that your audience will remember for a lifetime. 
Corporate Training
Customized hands on training for your leadership team. What would you like to see transform in your company? Productivity? Innovation? Community? Culture?
Strategy Consulting 
Private or group strategy facilitation. Think tank, brain storm, innovate. 

Speaker Reel

"She is one of the most engaging public speakers I have ever seen. The energy in her presentations is phenomenal.

I believe ANYONE can come to one of her seminars and learn from her. Her presentation skills are just phenomenal, her stories and how she draws us in."
– Alan Jones

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Are you ready to create an experience to remember? Nancy Rae utilizes her experience, intuition, and unique humor to cut through the bull crap and really create change. If you are feeling called to work with Nancy Rae follow the prompts below.