The 3 Problems Preventing Badasses from living in their Genius

💰The problems preventing people from living abundantly in their genius:

I have found living in my genius to be one of the keys to a fulfilled life. It is such an amazing feeling to know that I am using and maximizing the gifts I was blessed with and have developed. Knowing that I am making a positive impact on this beautiful planet by simply being true to me is the BEST part of my career.

If living abundantly in your genius is so earth shatteringly fantastic why don’t more people do it?

1. They don’t think their genius adds value
💥This is complete BS. You may not be able to see it but your genius IS valuable.
💥Comedians get paid BIG money to make people laugh 
💥Some youtubers make BIG money videoing themselves playing video games because it creates community for other gamers
💥Models make big money because they are visually so inspiring and can sell products with their looks

What skill do you have that you are minimizing or under valuing?

2. They don’t think making money doing what they love is possible
💥Belief is 80% of realizing a dream.
💥Research and surround yourself with success stories. People way worse off than you are right now have made it happen… if they can so can you!

3. They don’t see the opportunities and resources they ALREADY have
💥When you are blinded by doubt and defeat you can’t see the path that is right in front of you
💥As you build the belief that it’s possible you will start to see the way

You can live abundantly in your genius.
🔥Yes, it’s possible 🔥

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