When Shit Happens

It’s not your “fault” but it is now your responsibility.

Shit (Painful) things happen. Illness, Accidents, Natural Disasters… etc

The more time you spend finding someone or something else to blame the more of your power you give away and the longer you sit in the shit.


Asking “why” doesn’t lead to answers. It leads to more questions, fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Instead ask yourself “now what?”

The situation is here. Maybe it’s not your “fault” BUT how you respond to it is 100% your responsibility.

This is the seat of your power. Taking 100% responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

It’s not easy. Sometimes it really sucks. And yet experience has shown us time and time again that when we take full responsibility for our response we make it through and past the shit easier and quicker.

When we don’t take responsibility we become stuck, stagnant, miserable, and depressed.

So what now badass? How will you respond?



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