Why TV is “Good” for you!

Tell me if this sounds familiar.  It’s been a long day of Kicking Ass and taking names and you’re ready to unwind for the day. You want to be entertained without having to think too much, and really just want the ability to zone out for awhile.  The tube is looking pretty inviting. You decide to limit your consumption due to the “effects” TV has on your brain. Before you know it you’ve binged watched an entire season of “Love” on Netflix. You don’t dare discuss this with your personal development group on social media and would never admit, even to your best friend, how you occasionally use the television as a babysitter for your kids.

There is quite the stigma around the television and around the type of recreation we are engaging in all together. Society says that watching TV is bad, wrong and even shameful and we “Should” be spending our time in more “meaningful” pursuits. Crazy Pants.  When we start judging ourselves and others for our recreational choices, it gets twisted and weird. TV is just a thing. Just like any other thing it can provide many things Positive and Negative and certainly has the ability to be abused. The truth is that there is not a single “best” way to relax. There is not a single “best” way to be entertained. It really doesn’t matter “What” you are doing… It’s WHY you are doing it.

Engaging in the mindset where something is “good” or “bad” limits our perception and limits our overall world view. Anytime we label and objectify something, we immediately close ourselves off from opportunity, insights and clarity. If meditating to blow off steam is your jam… Perfect! If you prefer to Netflix and Chill… Also Perfect. There are many paths and tools for accomplishing life goals. That’s the KEY. There is no one way to do or accomplish anything!

Watch below as I go into more depth about this story that has so many people feeling shamed about their unique preferences and gifts. Enough with the judgment. No more minimizing yourself or others for their Unique Contributions and Style. It’s time to tune-in and tune-out the ridiculous bullshit stories that have us living outside of our OWN UNIQUE way of Life. 



Why TV is “good” for you! 📺 THIS is a mindset game changer

Posted by Nancy Rae Allen on Tuesday, March 6, 2018


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